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Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search engine optimization is the new hero of marketing strategies. However, it does involve some rather complicated steps related to technology and the internet. If this is not worth the hassle for you, you can always hire services from the SEO company Portsmouth to assist you. But if that’s out of your budget, you can also learn the strategies of search engine optimization by yourself. It might seem hard at first, but there are plenty of tutorials to guide you through it online. That being said, here are a few of the essential features in search engine strategizing.

Maximize keywords

The first thing people do on search engines such as Google is type in a word or two of what they are looking for. For example, they want to find out how to decorate their living room in a modern way. So, they’ll go ahead and type living room modern designs. These are the keywords. They are used to drive traffic to their products, and businesses need to know what people will search for to lead them to their site. You should start thinking about potential keywords, because if your keyword is too common, then your link might not end up in the first two pages. Longer keywords usually have lesser competition, so you can aim for that until your link escalates in the ranking.

Have quality content

You might think that content has nothing to do with the traffic of your website because what matters is only the ranking. This is a common misconception, as search engines usually rank based on the content quality as well. It will rate your keywords better and will also have a positive impact on user experiences. Think about it, you can educate your potential consumers better if you have quality content, and it will also be an added point to credibility.

Social media

Social media consumption have increased rapidly since it is first established, especially now that social media applications are available in almost any type of smartphone. It is vital for e-commerce businesses to establish a social media presence, on every social media platform, which is usually Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. They can post contents that have a hyperlink to their website, and have collaborations with social media influencers to promote the links in exchange for money or free products. The algorithms can change over time, so make sure you have a social media manager that understands every change in social media algorithms so your content can stay on top.

Benefits of social media marketing

Social media marketing is relatively new in the marketing industry. Most firms are yet to make full use of it. Reports show that more than 90% of businesses that use social media marketing have befitted immensely from it. Here are a few benefits of social media marketing that these businesses have enjoyed.435y5trt435

Easy conversion

It is easier to convince someone you met on a social network to buy your products than people you met elsewhere. Social media platforms help businesses establish a personal touch with their prospective clients. This creates mutual trust and understanding which paves way for business.

Precise ad targeting

People share their personal information on social media networks. They specify their physical locations, gender, age, hobbies, and interests. These bits of information are very important to marketers. They are useful in targeting ads to specific people in order to improve sales. With most traditional forms of marketing, precise targeting is not easy. An advert targeted to the wrong audience is unlikely to have any impact.

Permanent results

As a business fan base on social media grows, the future can only be brighter, other things being constant. This is because social media networks exist to connect people with their friends and relatives wherever they are around the globe. If a person likes your business page on a social network, several like-minded people are likely to like it as well. As these other people like the page, their friends and friends of their friends follow suit. The end result is an endless flow of fans to your business page. As a rule of thumb, you need to get people to your page first before you can sell your products to them. Thus, with a large fan base, you can start marketing your products to your fans. As long as your business page exists, most of your fans are likely to be your permanent customers.

Brand loyalty and awareness

ewr4tytrt434People are on social media networks to interact. As they do so, they talk about the things they like and the things they wished they had. A business using social media marketing is also on social networks to socialize. It is not there primarily to sell products to other users. Selling of products only becomes an automatic consequence of engaging with other social media network users. As fans interact on the official social network page of your business, they share their experiences, likes and dislikes about your products. They can provide honest reviews of your products for other people to see. These reviews go a long way in promoting your brand. As discussions on your products continue, other social media users get to know about them and make inquiries. This leads to brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Support to other marketing strategies

Businesses employ several marketing strategies for their products and services. Search Engine Marketing, content marketing and paid advertising are some of the most common marketing strategies employed by most businesses today. If you think of how these marketing strategies work, you will realize that social media marketing is at the center of all of them. For instance, it enhances search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Indeed, once a business gets social marketing right, the benefits of other marketing strategies get more pronounced.

Influencer marketing tips for beginners

456ytrter4Influencer marketing can be defined as a form of marketing where the focus of the entire marketing campaign is placed on some specific individual as opposed to targeting the entire market as a whole. Here all a business entity needs to do is identify a particular individual who has the power to influence potential buyers and hence project the market activities around such individuals.

In a nut shell, influencer marketing is testimonial marketing where that particular individual who is known as an influencer recommends the selected product or service since they can be believed more by the audience than the brand itself. So how does one go about in influencer marketing more especially if they are new in this form of marketing? If you are a beginner follow the tips that are highlighted below.

Influencer marketing tips

Making use of keywords

When you want to quickly and effectively identify an influence who you can work with in the particular niche that you are interested in, then the best way to go is to use the keyword. For instance, if you want to push a product into the market and you believe that they will achieve your goal, all you need to do is search using the keyword food blogger, and you will surely find a variety of food bloggers who you can take up as influencers.

Observe the numbers keenly

Since you want to settle on somebody who will push your product in the market, it is very important that you undertake a keen study on the numbers of each profile that you get from the profiles you get. But how does one establish the right numbers? It is recommended that you should deal with an influencer who has at least 10,000 to 100,000 followers since this will strike the right balance between reach and engagement. This is meant to ensure that you get an influencer who has got the right reach plus the required level of engagement to push the product properly in the market.

Using the right tools

Due to the advancement in technology, some tools have been developed to help those who are in need of settling on the right influencer in the concerned niche. The tools are useful as they will give you information like the number of followers that the influencer has, there are others who can give a preview or the rate of engagement of that particular influence, while others can even give you the level of social authority that an influencer has. Make sure you use these tools to your advantage.56uyt54

Study content

Ones you have settled on some influencers, and you have your list, it is advisable that you diligently read through their content across all social networks. This way you will be able to establish whether they produce their content in the tone and manner that is likely to resonate well with the audience that you are targeting.

Commence your outreach

Since you have a short list and all the information that you require, now it is that time that you will approach them and try to strike a partnership. Ensure that you attract them and also be convincing since they may be receiving numerous requests. Write a catchy and compelling line while ensuring that your message has a focus towards them.


Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapters 34 & 35 “He considered his options as he followed the Jeep over the Burrard Bridge and into downtown Vancouver. He desperately wanted to alert Trevor, but knew that losing the Jeep could prove fatal for Monica. Reluctantly he decided his only option was to follow this car until it reached its destination. Once there he would find help . . .”

Fact Checking Harper’s Magazine by Randy Geller Harper’s Magazine recently published what seemed like a devastating article about Israeli treatment of Palestinians. It would have been — if it had been true . . .

Iran: The Forgotten Challenge by Sam Vaknin Iran’s march towards ever greater openness is inexorable. Whether this is achieved through reform or through bloody mayhem is up to the citizens of this tortured country — and to sensible decision making elsewhere . . .

How the Media Missed the Airline Security Story by Reese Schonfeld “Last Wednesday, I spoke in Virginia Beach as a continuation of my book tour. I concentrated on the need for the media to make life difficult for liars . . . After lunch a woman in the back of the room asked in mournful tone, ‘If I can’t rely on The New York Times where can I turn?’ I shrugged off the question and said, ‘I don’t know . . .'”

CHAPTERS: Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War by Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, and William Broad ” Washington began to mobilize against germ attacks in 1942. President Franklin D. Roosevelt publicly denounced the exotic arms of America’s foes as ‘terrible and inhumane,’ even while preparing to retaliate in kind. The man chosen to lead the secret U.S. program was George W. Merck, the president of a drug company. Merck was a household name, and generations of physicians had come to rely on The Merck Manual as a trusted guide for diagnosing and treating disease. But the new effort was designed to be nearly invisible, its degree of secrecy matched only by America’s project to build the atom bomb . . .”

We Must Enlarge the Circle of Human Freedom by Paul Wolfowitz “Perhaps the greatest asymmetric advantage with which weíve been blessed is the one that the terrorists tried to attack on September 11th. That is the power of a free democratic people, whose government is based on universal ideals . . .”

We Can Make a Promised Land into a Land of Promise by Shimon Peres “Bin Laden claims that he wants to help the Palestinians in their conflict, but he is an obstacle to a resolution, not an aid. Israel made peace with Egypt and returned all the land and water without Bin Laden. We did likewise with the Jordanians. Not because of terror, but because of the end of terror . . .”

Kabul Diary: May, 1960 by Alice Goldfarb Marquis Our embassy friend dropped us off at the “American Club,” a ramshackle caravanserai that he deemed superior to the downtown hotel. In a huddle of mud buildings, we were assigned a dark and musty chamber, its only concessions to American obsessions air conditioning and a minimal bathroom. At dinner, we met a young man from a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley, a place that, minus water and will, would much resemble the Afghan landscape. He wanted to be a film maker, he said, and was now at work on his first documentary. His name, just another fellow-wanderer then, was James Ivory . . .


Letter From Jerusalem: How Yasser Arafat Gets Away with Murder by Arlynn Nellhaus In 1973 Yasser Arafat’s voice was recorded on tape personally ordering the murder of the two American diplomats. Yet, he has never been brought to justice by the American government . . .

Pakistan’s Nice Little War by Sam Vaknin. The Taliban are a creation of Pakistan. Nevertheless, Pakistan stands to benefit greatly — economically as well as politically — from the destruction of the Taliban at the hands of the anti-terror coalition . . .

Muslim Soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan: To Fight or Not to Fight? by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) “As soon as the U.S. geared up for the war against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan . . . Army Chaplain Capt. Abd Al-Rasheed Muhammad, the Imam of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. sent an inquiry on the matter to the North American Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) Council, which in turn referred the matter to clerics in the Arab world. The clerics issued a Fatwa permitting Muslim soldiers to take part in the fighting if there was no alternative . . . But on October 30, the editor of the Arabic London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that the clerics who signed this Fatwa had changed their minds and abrogated their previous Fatwa with a new one prohibiting participation of Muslim soldiers in the war in Afghanistan . . .”

Secrets of Israeli Airport Security by Reese Schonfeld “From what I’ve learned, four out of five of the security functions at Israeli airports are performed by government employees . . . Given all this, it seems to me that the plan to privatize U.S. airport security is exactly the opposite of the Israeli system . . .”

Is America’s Afghan War in Trouble? By Alvin Z. Rubinstein Things are going better than they look. The strategic target of Mazar-I-Sharif is ripe for retaking. It requires only a reordering of current Air Force target priorities, and a political decision, to strengthen the Northern Alliance significantly . . .

CHAPTERS: Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America by Yossef Bodansky Osama bin Laden says he is inspired by the plight of Muslims “in a medieval society besieged by a twentieth-century superpower. . . . In our religion, there is a special place in the hereafter for those who participate in jihad,” he added. “One day in Afghanistan was like one thousand days of praying in an ordinary mosque.”

The CIA Fails Again by John LeBoutillier “The CIA has failed us. Their intelligence work is a failure. They are only good at ‘debunking.’ Let us hope our brave soldiers and airmen are not relying solely on this ‘debunking’ agency for their lives . . .”

Bin Laden Calls for a Muslim Uprising (from the BBC) “Those who distinguish between America and Israel are the real enemies of the nation. They are traitors who betrayed God and His prophet, and who betrayed their nation and the trust placed in them . . . Fear God, O Muslims and rise to support your religion. Islam is calling on you: O Muslims, O Muslims, O Muslims . . .”

Bin Laden’s Grand Miscalculation by Tom Grant “Bin Laden has miscalculated. He may or may not yet prove able to foment a Muslim uprising of great breadth, but, by inadvertence, he seems to have made a far more potent alliance nearly inevitable. Only a strategic blunder even greater than his own will prevent the United States, China, and Russia from joining now in common cause to protect the order and security of which they uniquely are guarantors . . .”

Letter From Jerusalem: Why are the American Media Lying about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? by Arlynn Nellhaus “When will they ever call them what they really are: murderers, thugs, and terrorists? I’m not holding my breath . . .”

Letter from Behind the Arras by Polonius With official and unofficial Washington reeling from recent anthrax attacks, questions are increasingly being raised about President Bush’s conduct of the war against Osama Bin Laden, at home and abroad . . .

Why the CIA is Losing the War Against Osama Bin Laden by John LeBoutillier Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s accidental admission that America might never find Osama Bin Laden means the CIA is working poorly. And if our intelligence is bad, then all subsequent actions based on that information will be less than optimal. And that means America is in trouble . . .

Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapters 32 & 33 “Mike was having one of those relatively rare straightforward shifts where the pace was right and the diagnoses simple. No one died. No one spilled bodily fluids on him. No one screamed profanities or had to be physically restrained. Patients were polite and grateful. In short, he knew it couldnít last . . .”

The Taliban’s Secret Heroin Weapon by Sam Vaknin The Taliban have some 3000 tons of raw opium. The Afghani-Arab fighters another 2000 tons. Even at the current, depressed, prices, this would fetch well over 2 billion US dollars in next door Pakistan. It represents 5 years of European drug use and a (current) street level value in excess of 100 billion US dollars. The Taliban intends to offload this quantity in the next few months and to convert it to weapons. Destablizing the societies of the West is another welcome side effect . . .

Profiles in Cowardice by Reese Schonfeld On Wednesday night, after anthrax had been discovered in the office of Democratic Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives closed up shop — and Congressmen headed for the hills . . .

Letter From Zimbabwe: It is Up to the European Union Now “At around midnight a black Zimbabwean woman in Chegutu was woken by men banging on her door saying they had come with a message. The woman, alone and frightened, was reluctant to open her door. When she finally did so she was lashed on her shoulder with a whip. She immediately closed and locked the door. I can only imagine her terror as she then heard the men get up on to the roof of her house and smash a hole through it. The men poured paraffin through the hole in the roof and dropped in a burning missile. The woman could not get out as the men were still there, waiting for her with sticks and rocks. She could not protect any of her posessions and had to wait until at last the men ran away. Priscah emerged with only the thin nightdress on her back, her home was burnt down, all her possessions lost . . .”

Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapters 30 & 31 “On Monday morning at 7:00 a.m., the members of the task force crowded into the Homicide conference room. At the meeting were ten detectives, four Forensic Identification Squad members, a forensic pathologist, two deputy chiefs, two transcriptionists, and Mike . . .”

To Stop Bin Laden, Follow the Money by Sam Vaknin The corrupt and inept governments of Asia are to blame for not regulating their banking systems, for over-regulating everything else, for not fostering competition, for throwing public money at bad debts and at worse borrowers, for over-taxing, for robbing people of their life savings through capital controls, for tearing at the delicate fabric of trust between customer and bank (Pakistan, for instance, froze all foreign exchange accounts two years ago). Perhaps if Asia had reasonably expedient, reasonably priced, reasonably regulated, user-friendly banks – Osama bin Laden would have found it impossible to finance his mischief so invisibly . . .

Saul Bellow in Love by Leon Aron Bellow’s interest in Ravelstein’s “Great Politics” was fueled by an understanding that making the world safe for democracy meant, first and foremost, de-clawing the beast of anti-Semitism, one of the deadliest products of tyrannies?Left and Right?and of the vulgar passions they whip up and parasitize . . .

“Poets Demand Peace” Goes to War by Eric Yost What’s the point of “Poets Demand Peace”? Certainly a benefit called “Poets Demand Courage” would make more sense intellectually, morally and artistically . . .

The Man Who Would Be King by Rudyard Kipling “He fumbled in the mass of rags round his bent waist; brought out a black horsehair bag embroidered with silver thread; and shook therefrom on to my table–the dried, withered head of Daniel Dravot!”

Letter from Behind the Arras by Polonius The key to peace in the Middle East, as well as to the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, may be the return of the Arabian lands belonging to the Hashemite Kingdom, lands stolen from the Jordanian Royal family by the Saudis . . .

On the Outside Looking In: An Appreciation of V.S. Naipaul by Alice Goldfarb Marquis The Nobel prize winner insists on describing himself as “the world’s writer,” but he inhabits a realm that must prevail over shrill religion and aggressive nihilism . . .

Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapters 28 & 29 “Sandy, do you ever think about your own death?” Trevor asked. “Not if I can help it . . .”

Castro’s Role in Bio-Terrorism by Agustin Blazquez In the face of renewed anthrax attacks, why have Americans been kept ignorant about Castro’s factories of bacteriological and chemical weapons in Cuba?

V. S. Naipaul’s “Incorruptible Scrutiny” by the Swedish Academy Naipaul won the Nobel Prize for Literature because he is a modern philosophe, carrying on the tradition that started originally with Lettres persanes and Candide . . .

What Is At Stake Today? by Benjamin Netanyahu “This is how the Allies rooted out Nazism in the twentieth century. They did not look for the ‘root cause’ of piracy or the ‘root cause’ of Nazism — because they knew that some acts are evil in and of themselves, and do not deserve any consideration or ‘understanding’. They did not ask if Hitler was right about the alleged wrong done to Germany at Versailles. That they left to the historians. The leaders of the Western Alliance said something else: Nothing justifies Nazism. Nothing! . . .”

Colin Powell’s Pakistan Dilemma by Reese Schonfeld The war for Afghanistan has begun — in Pakistan . . .

An Open Letter to President Bush by Raymond Lloyd We must break our link with undemocratic Saudi Arabia, and our dependence on Saudi oil. Let me suggest two ways in which this could be done . . .

We Did Not Choose This Conflict by Tony Blair “It was an attempt to substitute terrorist atrocity for deliberative policy; to see the world run by the chaos consequent on terrorist outrage, rather than by disciplined and calm debate . . .”

Every Nation Has a Choice to Make by President George W. Bush “On my orders, the United States military has begun strikes against al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan . . .”

Letter from Behind the Arras by Polonius President Bush might do well to follow the example of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau . . .

Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapter 27 “They reached Cyber Latte fifteen minutes after receiving the e-mails. From the outside it looked as if a botched bank robbery was in progress . . .”

Evidence Against Osama Bin Laden The case against Osama Bin Laden, from UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s website . . .

How Some Journalists Help Bin Laden by Andrea Levin That at this painful moment pundits blame Israel for anti-American hostility in the Middle East is unprofessional and dangerous . . .

America’s War Against Terrorism by Alvin Z. Rubinstein This war must be brought home to the Taliban early, unequivocally, and in sustained fashion. Once the United States engages militarily, the Taliban should be made to understand that it waited too long . . .

The Kaleidoscope Has Been Shaken by Tony Blair “If they could have murdered not 7,000 but 70,000 does anyone doubt they would have done so and rejoiced in it? There is no compromise possible with such people, no meeting of minds, no point of understanding with such terror. Just a choice: defeat it or be defeated by it. And defeat it we must . . .”

Poetry After 9-11, by Dennis Loy Johnson In times of trouble, it seems, people are turning to poetry. Maybe after all the cant an chatter on TV, it seems somehow more to the point . .

We Will Achieve Unconditional Victory Over Terrorism and Terrorists by Rudolph W. Giuliani “On one side is democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human life; on the other is tyranny, arbitrary executions, and mass murder. We’re right and they’re wrong. It’s as simple as that . . .”

Letter from Jerusalem: What About Arafat? by Arlynn Nellhaus Why would the United States seek to organize an international coalition against terrorism by inviting terrorist countries and the father of airplane hijackings, Yasser Arafat, to join . . .?

Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapter 26 “Jake Gold and his Forensic Identification Squad arrived next. This was the closest they had come to a useful scene to examine. However, Jake reacted predictably when he saw the body. “I suppose she dragged herself by her head along the floor,” he remarked to Sandy. He indicated the blood-soaked trail from where she had fallen to the middle of the rest room, where the paramedics had placed her . . ”

The Fall of Byzantium: A Cautionary Tale by Sam Vaknin When not at war with Byzantium, the Ottomans were often used by this contemporary superpower to further its geopolitical goals, as the Afghan Mujaheedin or the Albanian KLA collaborated with the USA and its sidekick, the European Union. Not unlike the Muslim Afghan warriors, the Ottomans turned on their benefactors, bringing about the demise of Byzantium, after 1000 years of uninterrupted existence as a superpower . . .

Letter from Behind the Arras by Polonius Despite the rhetoric of battle from President Bush, and the welcome sight of Old Glory flying from homes, cars, and businesses, the Capital seems shrouded in fear and uncertainty after Bush’s rousing speech, though this may dissipate once military action begins . . .

Eyewitness to Mass Murder by Dennis Loy Johnson In the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack, eyewitness accounts reveal deep feelings among those who were there . . .

The U.S. Will Emerge Victorious by Ariel Sharon “The war against terrorism is also a war against incitement, the terrible daily incitement in the official media and in the mosques. It is the incitement that leads to attacks, that dispatches suicide-bombers, that pulls the finger on the detonator trigger. In this war, every state that supports terrorism – is guilty, every body that encourages terrorism – is guilty, every person who incites – the same judgment. A differentiation must be made between the forces of light who sanctify life and the forces of darkness who sanctify death . . .”

Grave Prognosis: A Novel by Daniel Kalla, Chapter 25 “The media scrum outside the VPD building the next morning was bigger than ever. Trevor had already read both dailies and heard the news broadcasts. From the media’s point of view the story was at a standstill. As a result, the assembled reporters were in a foul mood . . .”

President Bush: “Patient Justice” “Fellow citizens, we’ll meet violence with patient justice — assured of the rightness of our cause, and confident of the victories to come . . .”

Bleak New World by Harvey Sicherman September 11, 2001 ended a unique era of American optimism. The United States is now in a state of war with those who attacked New York and Washington. It may soon be at war with those states that harbor them . . .

General Powell’s Rules For years, reports of General Powell’s Rules have circulated through Washington, DC . . .

9-11 by Dennis Loy Johnson It seems ludicrous to be writing a column about books this week. As I write this on deadline day –September 11 –outside my window a plume of billowing black smoke has assumed Biblical proportions over lower Manhattan . . .

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